About Nitmokitchens

Our Vision

To Be the Leader in Designing Kitchen Concepts as well as Kitchen Manufacturer and Kitchen Equipment Internationally

Our Mission

Designing Kitchens as well as Supply and Installation Of Kitchen Equipment

Nitmokitchens was created to provide better quality kitchens at a better price, and to also ensure that our customers do not end up with a renovation costing a fortune. We therefore offer you something special and we do not compromise on quality.

We have become established and knowledgeable because of our CEO's 35 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Our CEO has also established key contacts in the industry

To achieve our goals we have a consultation process which allows us to fully and clearly understand your needs, the space and budget that you are working with. We then carefully design your new commercial kitchen to your specific needs while applying our experience and knowledge to give you a kitchen you will love.

We know that our customers are looking for guaranteed quality and that is the reason that we want you to have peace of mind that comes with knowing that our installations will last. Nitmokitchens will also offer you a comprehensive guarantee on all the elements of your new commercial kitchen. This includes the taps, fittings, runners, cabinetry as well as seals and many more.

We also guarantee that our kitchen will look as good and perform equally well as it did when it was completed. Get free kitchen design consultations from our highly talented designers who welcome any challenge and are confident in their ability to create your dream kitchen.

Our designers will not be restricted by standard heights, width or depths but they will concentrate on meeting your requirements.

Nitmokitchens have a traditional workshop which has the benefit of precision technology. We always invest in a team of skilled craftsmen, the best technologies and techniques which enable us to offer greater choice, superior quality as well as excellent value for our customers.

Therefore get your repair and installation projects done right with Nitmokitchens. We have a network of experienced, hand-picked, licensed and insured installation contractors ready to assist you with your commercial kitchen services.

We can help you find the perfect kitchen remodeling for your business’s budget. Whether you want to keep your existing layout or you want to start from scratch, we can help take your renovation ideas from and inspiration to completion.

We do commercial kitchen cabinets with our installation services which will give you choices for redoing your kitchen cabinets, we install countertops using the latest materials and colors. We also install sinks as well as faucets.


All components, including nuts and bolts, of our manufactured products are imported from Europe

We incorporate Mahogany Wood and Solid Surface into our products. Solid Surface is an artificial granite which can be repaired if broken. The technical team have been specially trained overseas to handle or to modify this material. You are therefore guaranteed service that is exceptional.

We have prominent clients who include Hilton, Meridien in Dubai, Four Seasons in Egypt and several restaurants in Germany.

We are involved in large-scale kitchen projects that range from designing to fabrication and kitchen equipment. We accomplish all that is required in ducting, plumbing, electrical and civil work to the best of our ability.

Depending on your request, we can even import kitchen equipment from key suppliers abroad.

We are an authority in the industry due to our CEO's thirty five years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has also established key contacts in the industry

We produce unique exclusive products for the 5-star hotels, with the newest unit being the Eco-unit (attached pic).

Our most popular products are 'Dim Sum Trolley' and 'Action Stations'

We have certified commercial kitchen designers on our staff who have the expertise and knowledge to do your project right

We are conveniently located as our workshop and showroom are on the same location. This allows us to develop our showroom with new ideas and features which increase the range of choices that are available to customers.

The way we produce our kitchens is very transparent because every decision that we make in our method of manufacture is usually to benefit customers as well as produce a better quality product.

Our processes are very simple and begin with a client interview where we note the style, design criteria, product as well as any other information the client would want us to know concerning the work. We then provide preliminary plan layouts as well as sketches which are based on the measurements provided by our designer. Once these are ready, we then provide the appliance and product recommendations.

Feel free to bring us your plans, ideas and references and we will turn them into reality. Better still, you can book an appointment with our designers who will inspire you with practical ideas. If you would like the confidence which comes with a guaranteed commercial kitchen finish, contact us today.

You can also visit our workshop for a tour where we will show you around the kitchen showroom as well as workshop. In the workshop, you will see how we are processing other clients kitchens, and we are sure this will give you confidence regarding the integrity of our products, skilled craftsmen as well as ability to provide you a commercial kitchen that will delight you.

Quality Policy

We at Nitmo (Pvt) Ltd committed to meet and driven to exceed, our valued customers expectations. Each employee is committed to deliver optimum quality equipment and service through our efficient engineering services including Designing, Fabricating, Supplying, Installtion, Project management, and Maintenance to our valued customers in Hospitality Industry, whilst producing and enhancing the customer satisfaction.

In delivering the quality of service , our team shall always be aware and work with

Trustworthiness to admire each other in our profession

Passion to show and improve our effort and enthusiasm

Intergrity to maintain consistence and right action everytime

Involvement as forerunners to accept professional challenges until end

Excellence to prove the best results by being biased to reap the best result

Teamwork to perform as one under any hardship

Agility to respond the customers for their feedbacks positively and with promise of positive change everytime

Creativity on new inventions from our professional services to improve ourselves continually

By Implementing ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System NITMO is committed to provide services that satisfy our customer's quality requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


To obtain and maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 Standard.

Supply SS fabrication services with zero defects.

Supply SS fabrication supply and services on time.

Controlling cost to be competitive and profitable.

Supply SS fabrication services at a competitive price.

We always maintain the persistance of our quality management system by continually working through Plan-Do –Check & Act methodology to deliver our promisses to customer with preventive safeguards and in compliance with stautory and regulatory requirements ranged in our services.


We at NITMO (PVT) LTD consider our staff, visitors and stakeholders as the most important humans who are patronizing our products and services

We believe that providing the safest place for all of them is our most important responsibility and therefore we take every step to ensure safety at all times.

We strongly believe that our success and future is all about our health and safety whilst being passionate about quality, environment and service standards

We continually improve our health and safety standards and maintain it as per regulatory and statutory requirements, other requirements and educate all stakeholders every possible way.