Traditional wood oven for pizzas

Capacity for 5/6 pizzas Ø 300 mm, internal diameter 1100 mm.
Arcade 440 mm width.

  1. Circular frame with bottom for the mounting of the oven in coloured iron.
  2. Isolation material.
  3. Ground plate in fire resistant material.
  4. Vault in fire resistant material.
  5. Tablet round the oven in "porino" granite.
  6. Arcade in fire resistant briquette.
  7. Connection for the chimney.
  8. Connection pieces in fire resistant cement (1400°C)

Electric oven "high temperature" quartz

  • Made in stainless steel, door with a thermic handles.
  • Reaches temperature very fast, ground in warm keeping stones.
  • Perfect to cook Pizza (diam. 330 mm) fresh in 3 min., deepfreeze in 4.30 min.
  • Heated by infrared quartz tubes, thermostat O till 350°C, timer from 0 till 15 min. or continuous, each quartz tube has independent controls.