Pasta Action Station

Manufactured in full Stainless Steel.

Exterior wood panelling painted in any colour (removable panelling).

The unit is finished with Staron Artificial Granite which is not a porous material and no bacteria formation. This can be repaired if broken.

2-Burner cooker made out of Stainless Steel. burners from 7.5Kwh to 3.5Kwh (Customer choice)

Top grid made out of Stainless Steel, (½ inch diameter rods).

All components imported from Europe.

Pasta boiler with 6 Stainless Steel baskets.

Electrically heated (3Kwh).

Unit is mounted with drain line & Digital temperature indicator.

Bain Marie - Manufactured with Stainless Steel. (3Kwh Heaters). Unit is used for warming sauce.

Stainless Steel GM trays or Ceramic bowls to suit.

Unit is mounted on 6 Castor Wheels.

Optional : 4-door drawer type refrigeration unit.


Model NAS/1020
External Dimension 1500 x 750 x 850 mm
Burner High Pressure Burner
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Ignition Piezo