Commercial Kitchen Designing

To achieve our goals in designing your perfect kitchen we have a consultation process which allows us to fully and clearly understand your needs, the space and budget that you are working with. We then carefully design your new commercial kitchen to your specific needs while applying our experience and knowledge to give you a kitchen you will love.

Kitchen Gas Line Systems

Installing gas in a commercial kitchen is an intricate process. The safety of the installation is very important because if the gas installation is not done correctly, there could be major consequences. Having gas leaks, accidental fires or something else could do serious damage to the kitchen, and more importantly, the patrons and workers of the restaurant could get injured as well. If you are looking for a gas installation in your brand new Commercial Kitchen, or you are looking to get a gas installation in a remodelled kitchen, we Nitmo Kitchens are there as your trusted kitchen installers. We work based on safety regulations and requirements of gas piping systems, appliances, equipment, and related accessories processes.

Kitchen Exhaust System

It’s critical to rely on an effective hood system to keep the work environment safe and clean, as well as to protect expensive equipment from damaging grease build-up. So we give you complete solution for kitchen exhaust system including,

  1. Commercial Kitchen Hood

    i. Island type and wall mounted type.

  2. Exhaust fan
  3. Hood Filter
  4. Duct lines

Kitchen Plumbing System

Choosing the right equipment or fixtures and making sure they are installed and operating correctly will help improve your bottom line and be friendlier to the environment. Some of the most costly pieces of equipment in your kitchen require water supply or drainage, to say nothing of the importance of quality plumbing service to your restrooms. We provide you with solution by manufacturing custom made Gully, Grease trap, Strainer according to your kitchen requirement and give you consultation on Plumbing points required for the equipment.

Kitchen Electrical Consultancy

Planning out kitchen electrical points during the design stage is critical and helpful in avoiding future hassles. We provide you with electrical points for the type of equipment to be placed. Our highly qualified engineers will make sure that you face no problem whatsoever when planning out the electrical points by studying the adequate need as per your kitchen requirement.